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Telephone86 15630986532(Frankie)

News and Events

  • The wire rolling machine is a kind of multi-functional cold extrusion forming machine tool. The wire rolling machine can process the workpiece with thread, straight grain and twill rolling under the cold state within the range of rolling pressure. Rolling of spur, helical and helical spline gear; St


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  • 1. It is strictly prohibited to roll and roll the thread when there is no cooling liquid. The end of the steel bar to be processed shall be smooth and must be cut with a toothless saw.2. Water-soluble emulsifying coolant must be used in the cooling liquid of the wire rolling machine. Oil coolant is


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  • I. weak awareness of employees' own safety2. The manufacturer did not strictly implement the national production safety standardsLack of first aid knowledgeThe following is the safe operation process of the machine tool:1. Employees should establish the idea of "safety first", consciously accept saf


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  • The steel bar rolling machine is a machine which adopts the advanced technology of rib stripping rolling pressure to process the straight thread at the end of the steel bar connection. The metal fiber of steel bar straight thread formed by it is continuously dense and has good comprehensive mechanic


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